Ext. Int. Painting

Exterior Painting

  • FULL Exterior Painting – We can paint every part of your building that needs painting. That means siding, porches, walls and more.
  • Carpentry and Wood Replacement – Wood outside in the elements takes a real beating. We can inspect the wood on the outside of your property, then do any necessary repair work for you so your structure does not experience rot or damage.
  • Hardie Siding Painting – Hardie siding is a particular kind of cement board siding. We specialize in painting Hardie siding, so you can spruce up the look or change the color of your building that has it.
  • Front Door Refinishing – Some people do judge a building by its front door. Let us improve the look and condition of yours by refinishing it.
  • Stucco painting – Stucco is a textured material that makes up many buildings. Our team of experts knows how to paint it, so get in touch with us if you need a fresh coat of paint on your stucco structure.
  • Wrought Iron Painting – Do you have a wrought iron fence or other wrought iron structure around your home? Crown Construction And Design, Inc can handle painting it — to improve its condition or simply change up the look.
  • Porch/Garage Floor Painting – There are some parts of a property that simply get a lot of wear and tear. The porch and garage floors are two of them. Crown Construction And Design, Inc can do both porch and garage floor painting so you can maintain the condition of the parts of your property that get hit the hardest.
  • Rotten Chimney Replacement – A chimney is a key structural part of your house. If yours is rotting, let us do the work to repair or replace it.

Interior Painting

  • Wall Painting – We’ll repair any cracks or damage to walls, then repaint to refresh the current look or completely change it up.
  • Ceiling Painting – The walls of a room aren’t the only thing that determines its appearance and feel. The room’s ceiling has a big effect on it as well, and we can help you paint your ceiling to ensure that it looks good and feels new.
  • Trim/Baseboard Painting – The trim around your floor can get dirty and damaged because of regular wear and tear. Let us help fix it up by doing a trim or baseboard painting job.
  • Door Painting – Not only do we paint walls and baseboards; we can also paint doors and door frames. A paint job can be crucial for a door, since it gets so much use as an entrance and exit.
  • Cabinet Painting – When the cabinets in your office, kitchen, bathroom or another room need refreshing, we can help. We’ll give your cabinet a fresh coat of paint, and we can either refresh the look you have now or add a completely different color for something new.
  • Minor Sheetrock Repairs – If there is damage to your sheet rock walls or ceiling, we can fix the damage for you. Then, we’ll paint over it to ensure you can no longer tell where the damage was done.
  • Wallpaper Removal – Ready to remove that old wallpaper? We can help. We’ll get the wallpaper off the wall, do repairs, and make sure your wall is in great shape.
  • Special Texturing – If you want any special texturing on your interior walls, our team at Crown Construction And Design, Inc can add that for you.
  • Popcorn Scraping – We can remove the popcorn texture of your ceiling to give the room a modern look.

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